Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Enhua + Fred: Married

Amherst is a really special town and it holds a very dear community of people. Among those people are Enhua and Fred and their family of boys. Enhua and Fred, and their closest friends and family, joined them on a beautiful day in May to celebrate their nuptials. 

The weather turned out to be gorgeous and their ceremony was held outdoors at the Grace Episcopal Church. Following lots of hugs and congratulations they made their way over to the stunning new Lord Jeffrey Inn for merriment, lots of dancing, and a little magic:)

Please join me in celebrating the marriage of Enhua and Fred! 

Special thanks to Lynne Graves for her super girl powers that day, and to the following vendors for such a beautiful event.

Hair: Terri Cokot, 413-256-3440
Makeup: Ruying, 413-695-4045
Minister: Robert Hirschfeld
tandem bike: Sandra Costello :)

Photo by Lynne on left.

Thanks to Lynne for this priceless capture!

Photo by Lynne. 

Photo by Lynne on right.

Photo by Lynne.

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