Monday, April 9, 2012

Bridal session at Smith College

You may not know this but Smith College's campus center is amazing for fashion shoots. Yup, you just pop a beautiful woman in a gown and heels and a gorgeous smile in one of their study rooms and voila, you have a shoot ready for Vogue.

To keep myself limber and ready for wedding season I shoot whenever I can. And when I get to shoot with a fellow photographer it's even more fun. This past winter I spent the afternoon with my pal Jessica Kaczenski photographing Lenae at Smith College. We had a blast and got these incredible images. Enjoy!


  1. I'm so in love with the photo of her laughing and grabbing the railing. It's so classic and just lovely.

  2. These are gorgeous! I had no idea Smith's Student Center made such a lovely location, and you had the perfect subject for it. Really beautiful work.

  3. Jessica KaczenskiApril 10, 2012 at 8:30 AM

    These are fabulous Sandra! I always have such a great time shooting with you :)

  4. Nice colors on this post fellow Fearless Photographer! Just was browsing and thought i would stop by and say hello :)