Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Diane + Heather: Married

Have you ever been on an amusement park ride and the thrill was so great that you just couldn't wait to get back on and do it again? Well, Diane and Heather's wedding day was just like that, in the best way possible:) These ladies thought of everything from what they wore to how they transported their guests to custom designed shoes and invitations to celebrate their date: 11.11.11.

Their guests stayed at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, where Diane and Heather got ready, and their ceremony and reception was held at the Dream Away Lodge in Becket, the most unique venue I have ever photographed. It is filled with all sorts of kitschy goodness, and has the best bar in the west (western Massachusetts that is:). The proprietor of the Dream Away is entertaining and has the sweetest beagle, who made a guest appearance later in the evening.

To say the day was a blur with eye candy is an understatement, and then to add an unexpected snow fall made it quite magical. Which brings us back to Diane and Heather: two really amazing ladies in love who so thoughtfully prepared for their one special day that launched a lifetime of days together. It was magic to see their family and friends rejoice and shake their booty to familiar music, and the snow that fell that night only seemed to warm the heart further.

Thank you Diane and Heather for such a dreamy day, it was the best! And thank you to the amazing Steph Kreite for helping me to capture all the awesomeness of the day. Kick back and enjoy!

And be sure to check out Diane and Heather's dreamy slide show at the end of this post:)


  1. We can't stop looking! Couldn't be happier, thank you for being a part of our day! <3

  2. Wonderful pictures from a fantastically fun wedding! So glad we could be part of your celebration Heather and Diane. Thanks for sharing your special day with us.

  3. Sandra,
    Your work is amazin!!!
    Helen and I just looked at these photographs and we were both in tears!
    Thank you!