Thursday, November 10, 2011

Missy + Kara: Married

Missy and Kara are so filled with light and love that when their wedding day arrived and instead of rain, as forecasted, they received gorgeous sunshine, I was not surprised. They share a love so true and so blissful you just want to bottle it up and hope just a whisper of it will seep into your own life.

These two ladies brought friends and family together from many different places and while they hoped their guests would get along and rejoice in their day, I'm not sure they anticipated the amazing and immediate bonds folks formed. One friend said during her toast, "At this point in the weekend its hard to tell friends from family and family from friends."

There are so many things I could say about Missy and Kara but instead I'd like to share their words. Throughout this post I have shared their thoughts on love and getting married. I hope their open hearts touch you as much as they touched me.

I would like to thank Jessica Kaczenski for helping me photograph this beautiful day. She captured so many wonderful, emotional moments and was a joy to work with. I'd also like to give a shout out to the following vendors:

Venue: Garden House at Look Park, Northampton
Florist: Forget Me Not Florist, Northampton
Cupcakes: 2nd Street Bakery, Turner Falls
DJ and musician: Gary Jones, Agawam

Lastly, don't miss out on Missy and Kara's slide show at the end of this post. In peace and love:)

Let the day reflect who you are as a couple. Think about what it will look, taste, feel, smell, and sound like. Most of all follow your heart and stay focused on your commitment to each other. On the day of your wedding, take time to look every guest in the eyes, hug them, and tell them you are so grateful for their presence and support on your big day.

We loved our First Look. It was so special and provided us an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on our commitment to each other without any other distractions.

There are so many awesome moments....getting introduced for the first time, the toast, the serenade, the father/daughter dances,....but the one moment that sticks out in both of our minds is when we made eye contact as Kara walked down the aisle to begin our ceremony....and our married life together.  

The group photo taken after the ceremony was silly and captured the spirit of our celebration and the unique personalities of friends and family in attendance.


  1. Amazing! Love, love, love!

  2. Thank you so much for having me come along! This wedding was so beautiful..the emotion surrounding these two ladies was just amazing :)

  3. I will not easily tire of watching that amazing video.

  4. Sandra you are amazing!!! this is just beautiful. I love working with you.
    ~ Rebecca

  5. So wonderful! I was so very sad to miss this incredible celebration and now even more so!

  6. Sandra. You are amazing. Just saying you are the best. Captured things just the way I see them in my head when I close my eyes...

  7. You are a such a joy to see and be around. I feel so fortunate to have been blessed to meet one of my best friends and true mate to my soul in Missy while we in grad school many years ago. No matter the distance or the time, I will always love you both and wish you the very best. To many, many years of happiness. I am still not hiking, but my offer for some fun on the beach still stands!

  8. Wow, Sandra! Great stuff! I love the Cheryl Wheeler song! I just bought it on iTunes! Love the boy and the bubbles. Tanya A and Chanel C