Saturday, November 19, 2011

Danielle + Konstantin: Married

It has been a wonderful wedding season and I have worked with so many lovely couples alongside their amazing families, and Danielle and Konstantin are one of those incredible couples. Danielle is like a breath of fresh air and so beautiful. Konstantin is super easy going and clearly in love with Danielle. Together they make such a wonderful pair.

Their wedding day was beautiful. I don't think there was a cloud in the sky and it was in the low 80s, the kind of day you dream of when you plan an October wedding. I spent the morning with the ladies which included lots of laughter, beauties abound (you too dad!), and these sweet purple hoodies the girls received as gifts.

Danielle was a stunning bride. Her mom and sister were so good at keeping Danielle relaxed and helping her into her dress. There is this sweet moment of Danielle's dad passing by the doorway and seeing her for the first time in her dress: priceless. So many gorgeous moments it was hard to choose which ones to share:)

Thank you to Danielle and Kon for letting me be a part of your incredible day. A big hug to Karen and Alan for welcoming me into your home, and to all the amazing people who made this day so special for two really great people:)

A big shout out to my home girl Susan Kowalski for photographing the day with me! Anne Renaud for being so awesome and for making the connection. And thanks to Annie and Rob of Grace Episcopal Church, Salon 241, Paris Productions, and to Hotel Northampton.

At the end of this post be sure to click on Danielle and Konstantin's wedding slide show!



  1. Number 2 rocks my world!! Love you!


  2. Lovely lovely photographs! You captured some beautiful moments!

  3. Sandra, Simply stunning! It was not by coincidence that I met Danielle and her family, nor was it that a week later I did my first wedding with you! I knew before I even saw your photos that you were quite special. I am so proud that I was able to be there to put you both together. I cannot count how many weddings I have done in the years of my career, but I can count the ones that truly touch my heart. This would be one of them! Congratulations Danielle and Konstantin....hope you stay in touch.......Anne Renaud