Friday, September 2, 2011

My Dad

My dad and I share the same astrological sign and in many ways I am just like him, for better or for worse:) I've always known my dad to be an incredibly hard worker and someone who cares deeply for his family, and anyone in need. He's a fairly simple guy: do the job, keep a nice yard and home, enjoy time with family, and be sure to have good food and wine on hand at all times.

He is one of six kids and came to Massachusetts from Italy when he was in his early twenties. The photo above is of my dad on the beach in Italy (he's the one standing). He is a pretty accomplished guy, at least I think so. He came to this country with very little education but determined to create a life and family with someone. He and my mom got married and had five kids. We had everything we needed including the opportunity to go to college, and wear braces:) That alone is a big deal. But that's not the part that makes my dad so great. For each person in his life he will go above and beyond to help them. I think as a younger person I didn't always understand why he did so much but as an adult I am so proud of him and his genuine care for others.

Tonight my family and I celebrate my dad's 70th birthday. His birthday is not until later this month but having everyone together was more important than the actual date. It was not my intention to post about my dad's birthday but I felt compelled to share a few photos and a little bit about this person who has shaped the person I have become. To thank him for his patience and his love, and to tell him how lucky I feel to have him as my father.

My father is not one for wanting his photo taken but a few years back I was visiting him and really wanted to do a portrait of him. He has such great features and is pretty photogenic. I knew exactly what I wanted him to wear and hoped he still had the cigars I gave him as a special treat. I snuck into my brother's apartment, who lived above them at the time, and found this great pin-striped shirt. I asked my dad to put it on and to meet me outside. However, as we soon discovered the shirt didn't quite fit and he wasn't able to button it over his middle:) Okay, so we'll take the photos inside.

I asked him to light the cigar even though he never smoked in the house. My mom was out of town so I hoped by the time she returned the smell would be gone. It was a great mini shoot and I was so glad to capture this side of my dad. He's not a big cigar smoker but I loved the feeling from these images: quiet, strong and don't mess with the godfather;)

Happy Birthday Dad! xo, Sandra

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