Thursday, August 4, 2011

Emma + Drew's LovE-Session

If I had an award for the coolest couple it would go to Emma and Drew! On the afternoon of their LovE-Session it was 96 degrees in downtown Northampton but despite the heat they were so happy and playful and a joy to photograph. 

We tried to move around as little as possible and avoid the sun. Emma and Drew live in NYC so when I found our first location I knew it was a great way to bring NYC and Noho together:) I could have photographed in this little spot all day long. Then we wandered through town finding more shade, a knitted cozie, and finished up at the Tunnel Bar. If you've never been it's a really neat space with excellent drinks and cool ambiance. It was a great place to cool down. Thank you Emma and Drew for an awesome afternoon. You guys are the best!



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  1. Great photos! You really captured something about the couple.