Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Suzanne + Bob: Married

About a year ago I met Suzanne and her awesome staff at the Northampton Chamber of Commerce when I became a member. It was an exciting time for me and the Chamber, and being able to reach out with my photography, fueled by the excitement of Suzanne and the ladies, really energized the start of a beautiful friendship.

When Suzanne told me she was getting married she was so happy she glowed. I suggested we talk about photography, being a wedding photographer after all:) At first she and Bob weren't going to have a photographer; they were keeping things low key. We spoke a couple more times and she and Bob decided to go for it. Hooray! I couldn't wait!

On a glorious day in June I had the honor of capturing these two beautiful people join their lives in front of friends and family. Their four children stood beside them and with great love their guests cheered them on. Love is a powerful thing.

Please celebrate the wedding of Suzanne and Bob! And for even more wedding fun click here for a slide show of their day. 

**A special shout out to Natalie Tacke for assisting me. Thanks Natalie!

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