Friday, May 20, 2011

My family

To me family is everything. My parents, my siblings, my wife. My aunts and uncles, my cousins and the ones who started it all, my grandparents. Just recently I came across this photo of my paternal grandparents I took many years ago. They were born in Italy and came to Massachusetts when their youngest of six was in high school. They spoke very little English and I spoke very little Italian but somehow we understood each other just fine. We had lots to share: food, family celebrations, hugging and kissing, and lots of laughter. They loved their family passionately.

I also had my camera as a way to share a moment with them. They were always very comfortable in front of the camera and perhaps it was because they were happy. When you're happy, especially when you're with family you love, what's not to smile about?

The last of my grandparents died this past fall. It was my mom's mother and it was heartbreaking. I did not know her like I knew my dad's parents because she lived in Ireland and I rarely got to see her but I loved her just the same and had many special moments with her. I have some wonderful portraits of her as well and will share them with you some day.

These memories remind me of how precious family members are, especially the older ones. Don't forget to take their photograph. Take lots of them and make them count. Create an occasion for these moments to be captured. They are an important part of your story and deserve a chapter of their own. So for now, buona sera! Ciao!  

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