Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is today Monday?

Do you ever have one of those days where you don't want to change out of your pajamas? Today was one of those days for me and with the rain I was even less motivated. I think what actually happened was Monday got swapped with Thursday (cause I was super productive!) and today became Monday. That's not say I wasn't productive, because I was, but hearing the dog snore throughout the day made me consider a nap more than once:)

So what do you do on days like this? I try to make a list and work as hard as I can to cross stuff off it. My neighbor says he highlights three things on his list that have to get done before the sun goes down. I thought three was a reasonable number and have taken this approach to my own daily list. 

I have checked off two of the three items from my list today. The third is a fun one and I can't wait. I have been a part of a bowling league and tonight is our last night. We bowl every Thursday and while I'm still not great, I do think I've gotten better. So before I sign off I will leave you with a photo from the next wedding I plan to post. It was a fabulous party and I think these shoes represent the spirit of the night. Enjoy!

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