Monday, January 10, 2011

Love Stories

This past weekend I was in Mystic, CT at a conference for wedding photographers. Sound geeky? It was and I loved every minute of it:)

I was surrounded by folks who love what they do and are really good at their job. It was an amazing collection of photographers who came from all over the place.

I was totally inspired and reminded of the importance of my job. I get to capture some of the most incredible moments in one's life. Whether it be a wedding or family portraits, life is filled with so many joyful moments and those moments should receive proper attention and care.

When was the last time you hired a professional to fix something in your home? Or perhaps you just brought your car in to have some work done. These things require an expert, right? What about hiring an expert to capture the love in your life? Someone who can quietly but skillfully capture the way you smile at your sweetie. Or document the tickle fight you started with your 5-year old daughter just because you love the sound of her laughter. Or maybe you've been thinking about your parents and how they're getting older but they still have a real spirit for life. Wouldn't it be great to capture them together while you can? Wouldn't it?

This weekend inspired me to not just take photographs but to document love stories. Stories of love of couples both young and old, families of all shapes and sizes, and all the love stories in between. Stories of passion, or how hard it can sometimes be to raise a family. Stories of the amazing love a couple can share through 50 years of marriage. I want to be your Love Story Expert! Document your love story today. It is important.

Call me. I want to hear about the love of your life:)

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