Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This winter I joined a bowling league. It's true. I did it for the shoes. No, I did it for the hope of winning the championship. Then I found out there is no championship and I am a stinky bowler:( But that doesn't stop me! My mom has been on a league for 20 years and she's an awesome bowler. I could be like her some day. I could. Just watch.

Over the holidays Brett and I had a chance to practice our bowling with "the master" and the rest of my family. We were the only souls in that lonely atomic bowling alley and it was dark, exciting and we had the best time ever. I think I'm getting better. Really;)

Everyone just wanted to be close.

I asked for that face...she's really a happy person:)

I'm not sure where these teeth came from. She loved scaring everyone with them.

I was a winner. My sister was not:(

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