Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jobeth + Brian: E-session

Jobeth and I met a couple of months ago when she first contacted me to discuss her wedding. She described her fiance Brian, the location for their wedding, and every other detail with such joy and excitement I knew photographing her and Brian was going to be lots of fun and filled with love. 

We met on the grounds of Mount Holyoke College for their engagement session and I got to meet Brian for the first time. They were very excited to get going and were more than willing to ham it up. Not long  after we began shooting, the balloons I brought to the shoot, quietly floated away and none of us noticed. I guess that's what happens when love is in the air; you can't help but be distracted:) Lucky for me I have a very special balloon delivery service willing to deliver more accompanied by a very smily beagle:)

We toured the campus and romped up and down hills and paths. They were such good sports about all of my crazy ideas, and even came up with their own toward the end of the shoot. Thank you Jobeth and Brian, you guys are great and I can't wait for September:) Enjoy!

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