Saturday, March 27, 2010


Happy days! Studio SMC Photography blog won a Beautiful Blogger award! This award brings many responsibilities including telling you seven things about myself, and passing this award onto other bloggers:)

About me....

1. I am the oldest of five kids.

2. I have a very sweet but devilish beagle named Ruthie.

3. I don't like to exercise but continue to push myself to be active because it makes me feel so good and helps with the aging process:)

4. I will be 40 this summer. Yikes!

5. I am loved by and married to the greatest woman in the world.

6. I love to roller skate.

7. Nothing makes me happier than making other people happy:)

And the Beautiful Blogger award goes to: Angelica Glass (amazing work, great new blog), Jasmine Star, Bonnie Tsang, and last but not least one of my very favorite photographers Anna Kuperberg.

Thanks to my fans. You really are the ones that make this site beautiful!

Big love,

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