Monday, March 8, 2010

What makes you great?

Earlier today I was reading one of the many blogs I love to follow, Jasmine Star blog. Jasmine is a wedding photographer out of Orange County, California and she's lovely. She writes from her heart, takes smashing photos, and blogs almost every day, which appeals to hungry blog hounds like myself.

What makes her blog so unique is how she has used this mode of communication to journal her photography career. She has only been in business for a few years but she has rocked it. Tonight she is speaking to a large crowd of photographers at a conference in Las Vegas (wish I was there) and today's post describes her very real stage fright. She'll be great, no worries, but how lucky is she to be able to share her pre-show jitters and from friends and strangers alike she gets a pep talk within minutes. Honestly, Jasmine can post about her dog and in no time 100 fans have commented. I love it!

So what makes Jasmine* so great, her honesty. And what makes you so great, well, I'd like to know. Post what makes you so great, because I know you are (and don't forget to include your email address) and I'll pick two lucky winners who will receive gift cards to or iTunes, your choice. You have until Friday at midnight to post about your fabulousness;) And because no post is complete without a photo here's what makes me so great: my parents! Enjoy!


  1. I cannot stop enjoying that picture of your parents! That is so much FUN!!! They look really happy and vibrant.
    I am leaving a comment about what makes me great! Really, the things that make me great are what I am surrounded with every day! Beautiful New England countryside! Five guinea pigs kickin up their heels and squealing every morning, my big Painted Brumby from whom I draw a lot of my identity, my ever patient husband. My wackadoodle friends! My smart friends! The entire animal kingdom! Books on the bookshelf! Chocolate cake in the pantry!

  2. There is nothing like looking at all sorts of pictures to see how things were at that moment in time, sometimes long before we were born!

    Ah yes, what makes me great. That's not an easy question! I think about my 3 children who make me happy to be alive. And since they are growing older, it gives me the opportunity to think about what I want to do when they are off in their own lives. It allows me to ask the existential questions...who and where am I? what am i doing with my life? how am i being in my life?

    I'm not afraid and rather look forward to how I can change and move and grow toward a reinvented life. And to be in relationship with my offspring in new and different ways.

    Thanks Sandra for this chance to ponder in print.

  3. It is hard to compete with the comments posted (not that this is a competition) but here goes: What makes me great?

    My husband makes me great - encouraging me to be the best person I can be and helping me when I fall short.

    I love looking at nature and finding something every day that is beautiful and makes me smile.

    I strive for happiness even if it's just for a moment: on a hike, sitting around a fire, knitting one more hat, snuggling with my pooch and getting or giving a great big bear hug. What's that Charlie Brown song? "Happiness is 2 scoops of ice cream....." I agree.

    Thanks Sandra for this opportunity to reflect and share.