Sunday, October 4, 2009

Michele + Matt...and the boys:)

Grab yourself a cup of coffee and one of those tasty strudel treats because this is a lengthy post:) It was difficult for me to pick just a few images from Michele and Matt's wedding so I indulged myself and posted more than I normally do.

Michele and Matt found me by luck. And I say that meaning it was my good fortune to have been found and then given the opportunity to photograph their wedding and their beautiful family. Michele and Matt each have two boys and they are the cutest little devils. It was amazing to me how well these boys got along and took such good care of one another.

I arrived in Madison, CT on Friday night and spent a bit of time with the family during their rehearsal dinner. Then the next day we got started fairly early and found ourselves embraced by the beauty of a day we could have only hoped for this past soggy summer. Michele and Matt were a little nervous but I think beyond their excitement they knew they had planned their day just as they had hoped: surrounded by true love.

I have posted a pile of photos but there are so many more, which you'll find in their slide show. One side story to keep in mind as you view their images. During the ceremony Matt's ring fell into the sand. It was tied to a starfish which Liam held but at some point during the ceremony the ribbons loosened and the ring fell off. The good news is Liam found it but not without a search and a bit of patience from Michele and Matt:)

Thank you to Michele and Matt and your families for a memorable day. I wish you great happiness and every blessing. Enjoy!


  1. What a lovely post and a magical family!

  2. These pictures are dreamy. Blue sky, sand, little boys. very special.