Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ruthie is home

This past weekend we found ourselves in the emergency room at the animal hospital. Poor Ruthie had two seizures very early Sunday morning. In the two years we've had her she's never had a seizure. It was pretty scary especially at 1:30 in the morning. (Bad things at night always seem so much worse, don't you think?) Ruthie stayed in the hospital overnight for observation and thankfully did not have another seizure.

We picked her up from the doggie hospital on Monday morning and she seemed just like her old self. Ready for a snack and a nap:) The first of these three photos show what Ruthie did when she got home. I found her just like this enjoying the breeze from the window as she rested. Looks nice, eh?

The second photo shows her tribal tattoo. Not:) It's where they had to shave her leg for an IV but we call it her tattoo. The last photo is one I took of her in 2006 at Halloween. I love the expression on her face and just couldn't help posting it. Anyway, she's home and we're glad. Sometimes a sleeping dog is all it takes to make you smile. 


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