Monday, April 14, 2008

Bob's birthday

Saturday night we celebrated Bob's birthday. I won't reveal the actual age in case it's a piece of information only his wife knows:) Everyone met up at Kim and Bill's place for a delicious dinner, fabulous dessert and some games around the table initiated by Brett. It was great to see everyone as it had been a while. A couple of photos from the evening's festivities (click on images for larger view). 

Grandpa getting ready to cue Liam, his assistant for blowing out the birthday candles.

Is this big love or what?!

Ellie told me she and her best friend both have this special best friend necklace. She also told me she, and her friend, had lost it several times but reported the friendship remains strong:)

Kim got very animated as she told the story of a weasel once found in their attic. Ever seen the movie Elf when Wil Ferrel tries to give a raccoon a hug? I guess the weasel made this gesture when Kim tried to approach it.

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