Sunday, March 30, 2008

NYC field trip

The Creative Services group from Dr.Hauschka made its way into the big apple on Friday. We went to do a bit of market research for some upcoming projects. It was a busy day but it was productive and it was great to brainstorm outside of the office. A few pix from the day...

We almost missed Lynn due to traffic! She made it in the nick of time.

Later in the day we checked out Dean and DeLuca. They have beautiful food displays and ask that you don't take photos. Lynn pressured me into taking this one...okay, she asked and I was happy to break the law. YUM!

This dog wouldn't give me the time of day. Cute little guy but not interested.

Lawrence lived in the city for a number of years and missed one of his favorite Mexican restaurants. He stopped in for a quick taco for the road.

We went to Columbus Circle to check out the massive Whole Foods. The mall where WF lives has these new statues: Big Naked Lady and Big Naked Man. Okay, they're not really called that but they are big and naked. Here are a couple of shots of Geoff and Jen with Big Naked Lady. And yes, they were coerced into having their photo taken:)

Lynn and I came across this doggie in the window. Not sure what kind of shop it was or why he was there but he was pretty cute.

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