Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Self-portrait madness!

I had my trusty Casio in hand and couldn't stop pressing the shutter! I didn't have it on macro at first and my face looked a bit swollen but then I made the switch and well, I didn't look much better but at least I was in focus. I just recently purchased Totally Rad actions from the Boutwell's; very cool photographers out of California...some of my faves. The color images have a Polaroid action applied and the others have a bitchin' bw effect. 

It gets a bit cool in our house so I generally wear a scarf...a hat too when I just can't bear it. We close the curtains so no one is wondering why we don't just turn up the heat.

This photo scares me a little bit. The chapped lips can be attributed to winter and the nose to my dad. Grazie, Dad!

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