Saturday, January 1, 2005

Who's behind the camera?

I’m Sandra Costello and I love you already! I believe a wedding is the greatest celebration of love and acceptance between two people and their community of friends and family.

Ten years ago when I married my wife I was apprehensive about how our friends and family would respond.  But when the day finally arrived I was so overwhelmed by the love and acceptance and support that surrounded us. They cared about me. They cared about my well-being. They cared that I had found love.

I want you to be yourself on your wedding day. Nothing more, nothing less. You can laugh, cry, pace, cut a rug, talk or not talk, and do it all in your own time. I won’t ask you to do any weird poses and I will help you to organize your day so that you fit in everything that’s important to you.

On your day I will dispense hugs freely, encourage crazy dance moves, and load my camera with significant moments that reflect the love radiating from those who love you.

I care about you. I care about your well-being. I care that you have found love.

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